Scientific illustration



Illustration showing the miocene fauna of Denmark. Megalodon, different whales and sharks. Made for GEUS.

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Illustration of Leatherback turtle, Ichthyosaurus and Tylosaurus. Made for an article written by Swedish scientist Johan Lindgren from the University of Lund.

Illustration for "Geoscience", a GEUS publication.

Showing animals that lived in Denmark during the mioscene period. Giant python, gomphoterium, smilodon, turtle, anchitherium horses, dicrocerus deers, pliopithecus monkeys, hornless rhinoceros and giant sequoia trees.

The illustration will also be exhibited in "Gram museum" in the southern Denmark.

Illustration of Prognathodon. Made for an article written by Swedish scientist Johan Lindgren from the University of Lund. Published in Nature.

A family of Indricotherium.

Cordaites mangrove.

Reconstuction of a Lepidodendron tree.


Illustration for "Havsdrakarnas Hus" (House of the seadragons" opening spring 2013 in Bromölle, Sweden. Cretaceous marine reconstruction

Illustration for "Havdrakanas Hus". A museum in Sweden opening spring 2013 in Bromölla. Showing Tylosaurus, scaniasaurus, belemnites, ammonites, diving hesperornis, cretoxyrhina sharks, sea turtle and rays. All are cretaceous animals found in the area.

Illustration showing different environment types in an Carboniferous forest. Made for GEUS.

Map showing miocene coastline of Denmark. The thin stroke represent the present coastline of Denmark. Based on a GEUS figure.

Terror bird

Sketch for a medium-sized dinosaur.

Palaeogeographical map showing Denmark during the ice age approx 13600 years ago. Source The Danish National Museum.

Illustration of an Uintatherium. Made for the magazine "Prehistoric Times"

Reconstruction of archaeological finding from 1400 BC found in Denmark. Made of bronze and gold.

Evolution of landscape in Greenland. Made for GEUS

Exploded view of an energy saving light bulb.