about stefan sølberg



My name is Stefan Sølberg. I am a selftought danish illustrator born in 1972.

My first job as an illustrator was at the danish newspaper “Det Fri Aktuelt”. My job was mainly to make infographics, illustrations for the articles and caricatures. That was also the place were i learned to do digital illustrations. Before that i worked with pencils, coals and oilpaint.

After my employment at the newspaper i got my current job at The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).

At GEUS i started working in 3D, first by using Bryce and later on Lightwave. Besides Lightwave i use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop for the illustrations.

My work is mainly to produce illustrations for articles, PPT, books and posters. From time to time that includes paleoreconstructions of environments or animals.

I have also made a couple of press-release illustrations for the swedish paleontologist Johan Lindgren, used for his articles about the shape of the Prognathodons tail and another one about the colours of marine reptiles. these were illustrations that were shown worldwide in both scientific papers and newspapers.

I have also made a big poster for the swedish museum “Havsdrakanas Hus” (the house of the seadragons) showing the animals of the Cretaceous in the Kristiansstad Basin.